What is it like to have a purpose?

Groovy music, strong coffee, and morning stand-ups start the day for Thrive. Let’s walk you through what you are getting yourself into. Welcome to Thrive.
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Behind the scenes

Culture...what’s the big fuss

We take culture very seriously. From posters in the office to everyday conversations we strive to promote Radical Candor as the focal point.

Our hires are usually very unconventional. We hire based on personal skills and culture-fit rather than certificates and references. As a result we have a very strong team that has exceptional teamwork and synergy.

Thrive in a day
Thrive in a day

The power of 2s

What once started with 2, our team now consists of 11+ passionate individuals. We lead with motivation as opposed to micro-management. We believe this is primarily why the team has evolved into a self-driven bubble.

From the founders to the last hire, the power of duos is evident here at Thrive. Proggo - Shuddho, Jawad - Adrito, and Rafat - Romesh, they all lift one another. Be it your sneaky breaks in between sessions or untangling the challenging knots of the education system; you will do the tango with a partner here.

You call the shots

Our teams are built around pillars of psychological safety. This enables an environment where anyone can challenge ideas and speak-up. With all the loud laughter and the parties, there is also an unspoken rule of ownership.

In other words, Thrive orchrestrates, you play!

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Thrive in a day

Do you like big problems?