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Classrooms are
too crowded

A teacher can only handle a maximum of 15 students comfortably. But in Bangladesh, a teacher has to handle a classroom more than three times that size. This overflow leads to poor quality in education and gives birth to a problem worth solving.

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What should I
study next? -Student

With over 10 subjects, students feel lost and feel a lack of personalized guidance in their formative years.


What is my daughter
struggling with? -Parent

Pinpointing and nurturing the exact area of weakness of a child can be hard for a responsible parent.

What do my students
need help with? -Teacher

With an outstanding amount of responsibility, the teacher needs assistance with guiding students.


Digital Coach can help!

Digital Coach is a student success platform that provides actionable insights to teachers and parents based on exams and class activities. This helps students get better grades while making teachers’ lives easier, with minimal switching cost.

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Did you know ?

In Bangladesh, over 95% of assessments are conducted on 'paper'

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No internet? No device?
No problem…

Digital Coach is built to work with paper based assessments and minimum technology.

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Daily star article

Thrive Edtech raises USD 180k in pre-seed B round

Thrive Edtech, an education technology startup based in Dhaka has raised USD 180K in its pre-seed B round. "We have looked into 50 local EdTech companies and Thrive is the one that stood out. I put my trust in them to impact the education sector here on a mass scale," said Mehedi Hasan, Chairperson and Founder of Omicon Group, one of the investors.

TBS news article

Education startup Thrive raises $180k in early funding

Thrive Edtech, an education technology startup based in Dhaka, has raised $180,000 in its early funding stage as it continues to work towards reshaping the education landscape in Bangladesh.


Our users love us

Thrive has been amazing transformational journey for our Institution. The solutions helped us reach more students and teachers while delivering great satisfaction to guardians.

Adree Islam KhanPatronus Education

Being a very large organization with 6000 students spread across 12 branches, managing assessments effectively was a constant struggle. Thrive helped us simplify this entire process while providing value to our teachers and students.

Abdul MominAchievement Career Care

People behind the mission

Shaikh Jawad Ibrahim

Shaikh Jawad Ibrahim

Jawad is a veteran teacher with over 7 years of experience. He honed his business acumen while a student at IBA, DU and realized that he was passionate about making a change in the education sphere that he loved and knew so well.He thrives in competition and high-pressure challenges. His impressive track record of accomplishments in both his personal and professional life is a testament to his grit and ‘can-do-anything’ attitude. If that weren’t enough, he is a great singer and athlete to boot.

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